1. Tom Cruise suffered from dyslexia early in his life.
  2. Tom Cruise described his father as an abusive one – a bully coward.
  3. Tom does most things with his left hand except for writing, which he usually does with his right hand
  4. Tom Cruise has never allowed his image to be used in video games or action figures
  5. Tom Cruise has been named the 2006 world’s No. 1 star, according to Forbes annual Celebrity 100 power list, which ranks the famous based on earnings and buzz. Tom is the only celebrity to have topped the list twice. He was also No. 1 in 2001.
  6. Tom Cruise took up acting after he lost his place on the high school wrestling team due to an injured knee.
  7. Wished as a youngster he had been given the chance to kill Adolf Hitler, something his role in VALKYRIE sees him attempt to do.